{JaNae and Catherine. Graduation Day! GRADUATION DAY! June 4, 2009}

This picture was taken almost two years ago [minus two months]. It is fun to look back at everything that has changed and hasn't changed since the time of this picture.

In two years, I will be in the final stretch my final undergraduate semester. And hopefully, I will know where I'm going to graduate school.

In a year and three-ish months, I will turn twenty-one.

Exactly a year ago, I saw Michael Bublé in concert.

Ten-ish months ago, I started my job.

Seven/eight-ish months ago, my second year of college started. And it seems like yesterday.

Three months ago, it was New Years Eve.

A month ago, it was February. Call me Rebecca Black, but I honestly couldn't think of anything.

A week ago, it was Spring Break.

Yesterday, I picked my dad up from the airport after work and studied my night away.

Today, I have two tests and a paper due among every other thing possible going on in my life.

Tomorrow is JaNae's Bridal Shower and in 35 days, she will be Mrs. Smith!

Time is a funny thing, huh?

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