Something Good Can Work-Two Door Cinema Club

{San Francisco, California. July 2010. 
One view from our hotel window.}

-Last week and all the craziness before Spring Break. Three huge papers all due on Thursday, as I have previously mentioned. Wednesday night/Thursday morning, I only had one hour of sleep trying to get everything done and perfected. True story.
-I have had 100 million Girl Scout cookies this weekend.
-BYU won twice and they're going to the Sweet 16. Boo.
-I've really slacked on the blog this month.

COOL (This might be a really long update. Buckle up.)
-After everything was turned in and done on campus on Thursday, I walked up to the institute (didn't go to my institute class...oops), slept on a couch upstairs for 15 minutes, watched a little bit of Return to Me (I know. I know, I should've been watching March Madness...but I had been watching all day up to this point and I didn't want to be riled up, I just needed to chill), and then, Kelsey and her friend, Morgan, finished their classes. We had a late lunch/early dinner at Corner Bakery (um, deliciousness), then I had to be back to the institute for presidency meeting and sorority. We had a luau exchange, which I didn't stay for...of course. Kelsey and I left after eating some Hawaiian haystacks and she took me to a gelato place called Capo Gelateria next to Settebello's Pizzeria. Um, I died and went to heaven. I had a small cup of chocolate and pistachio (the true Italian combination according to the man scooping it up) and it was delicious. I have been craving it ever since that night. I love driving to and from school on Thursdays with Kelsey and just being able to talk about love, future reception plans, our faith, our families, movie quotes, and everything else.
-On Friday, I woke up to the song that is the title of this post {listen here}. My iHome knows just what I need. I worked until 2 (Inevitably, one of the ladies asked me for my number for their friend's son...it was way awkward), made my weekly Salt Lake temple stop (it's pretty convenient when your work is a 2 minute walk away), came home and watched Fairly Legal, got all spiffed up and attended the YSA activity at The Pitt's pool house. It was way fun and even though I was too tired to swim and get ready all over again, I just enjoyed talking to our leaders about their dating stories/weddings, their children, and sports. Afterward, I went with Kelsey and her BF, Colmie, to watch Unstoppable at some girl's house. I fell asleep for probably fifteen minutes, but I don't think anyone noticed.
-Saturday, I woke up and got ready to go to the Carl Bloch Exhibit at BYU with my family and grandparents. This exhibit was truly special. I had so many wonderful thoughts and feelings as I went through and if you go, rent an iPad. We rented three for the seven of us and I walked through the exhibit without one, then I went back to find my family and my dad gave me one of the iPads. This was truly neat to just sit down and listen to talks and insights relating to the paintings. We were there for a good two and a half hours, then afterward, we had late lunch/early dinner at Goodwood...probably one of my top five favorite restaurants. We went to my great Aunt Diane's 60th birthday party and it was fun to talk to my cousins about March Madness and swap funny dating stories. When we got home, I went on the most random double date ever with Coleman's co-worker and Kelsey&Coleman. Red Riding Hood (don't see it, terrible movie) + Drive Thru at Wendy's at 11 pm + Eating our Wendy's at Village Inn and watching Youtube videos=Hilarious Night.
-Sundays are just great. Really. I just love going to church and the thoughts and feelings that I have while I am there. It is amazing how the Spirit works. After Church, I made the family some homemade pizza (probably one of the best I've ever made) and then we ate another million Girl Scout cookies. Hope, Thomas and I watched Harry Potter 6 and we were all laughing so hard, then according to Hope, in mid-laugh, I fell asleep. Maybe I'm narcoleptic. Probably. Four hours later, I woke up and had some of the best ice cream ever (you can get it at Smith's and trust me, you need to try it). You can tell I've been doing really well on eating healthy, right? I think so too/I deserve it after the week I had/I'll be working out a lot this week. This weekend was probably one of the most ideal weekends I've had in a while. Itwasjustsogood.
-And the best thing about this fun weekend? I didn't have to do homework, because this week is finally...(pause for dramatic effect)....Spring Break!


  1. yay fairly legal!
    i am so jealous of your break.
    this is my second week back and i am not in the mood!

  2. AAHhhh...what is it about the lighting in CA? It's just so beautiful...lovely image...
    Kristina J.


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