Somehow, I always end up back to you.

Every night this past week, I have had these sweet dreams of you. You're home after two years. We're talking and we're laughing. And I just bury my head in your chest and you hold me tight for what seems like forever. You are smiling. And I am smiling.

Yesterday, I turned on the radio and every single station was playing a song that I associate with you.

Songs, movies, rainy days, s'mores, blowing bubbles, homemade Christmas ornaments, calla lilies, composition notebooks and charts and the periodic table, ice cream and arctic rushes, soccer, white hoodies and bright colored shirts, the list goes on. Something always reminds me of you.

Since you, all of my little crushes have never amounted to anything substantial enough to overcome you. When I go on dates, I always end up wanting you even more afterward. Then, I think of people I liked in high school up until my senior year and I wonder why I ever liked anyone but you.

I have this small feeling deep down that it will work out.
One day.

But if not, stay beautiful.


  1. this is beautiful. we must exchange stories catherine asap!

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  3. Catherine... yes. A million times yes. That is how I feel and why, although it feels right to continue to go on dates... it means absolutely nothing because I know that if I had been with you... it would have meant absolutely everything.

    love. this.


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