Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours.

does anyone else think reese witherspoon has the perfect hair? i think it always looks great.

at work, i get to work with records from all over the world. i've come to memorize zip codes, cities, and areas in the united states as well as far off lands. i have been doing a lot of work in milan, italy as of late and i find myself caught up in daydreams and {this song}, l'appuntamento, running through my head. sighhhhh....one day i'll go to italy with my man and we'll be serenaded by a gondolier 
while eating gelato.

also, today at work, my computer died. the system was corrupted. uhhhh....i didn't do anything! i guess when i get to work on wednesday, i will have a brand spankin' new computadora awaiting me,  which i was secretly excited about when they told me.

sometimes i wear two pairs of socks, because my feet get that cold.

favorite movies (in no particular order): you've got mail, sabrina (1954), the proposal, the king's speech, a knight's tale, sleepless in seattle, remember the titans, the bourne identity, top gun, harry potter (all of them), and disney movies (most of them). what are your favorites?

i always get writer's block when i need to write an important letter. this wasn't life or death important, but it was important to me and possibly my future. 

what am i looking forward to this week? thursday with kelsey (stevie wonder yell), seeing my friends/possibly babysitting this weekend, and general conference.

have i actually finished any homework that's due tomorrow? no. oops. 

i'm getting a bad sore throat and sniffles.

today is allie's birthday. she is the sweetest and kindest person you will ever meet! she is gorgeous, inside and outside! and she always knows exactly how to make my day. thanks for being one of my best friends and the most incredible example a girl could have in her life! love you, allie!!

{ensign peak, 2009}


  1. i always wear 2 pairs of socks. and a pair of slippers when i'm home...my feet are like blocks of ice. it's terrible.

  2. good movie picks!
    i'm partial to the swan princess, 10 things i hate about you, 300, etc :)

  3. I think Reese has perfect hair. In fact, I have a picture of her for my next hair appointment. Yes I am obsessed with her hair.


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