Rolling In The Deep

[Kacee, Allie, and Me--Spring Fling, 2009]
Viewmont High School puts on quite the musical...always. ( {This} is a video from Aida...the musical they did my senior year. Watch it. Incredible.) And I cried a little that it's Ms. M's last musical. The Scarlet Pimpernel was amazing and I was so glad I could go see it on Friday, even if I just took Hope & her friends. Then I enjoyed going to In-N-Out late at night when I was starving after the musical.
Babysitting my favorite kids. They are a hoot.
Random smoothie run with my great pal, Garrett
Funny text conversations about cereals and lacrosse and babysitting.
Going to IKEA with just my parents. It was my first time and guess what? I'm in love with that place. Three hours of walking around that place does wonders for the legs. Afterward, we had dinner at Market Street and I loved just talking to my parents over good food. They're the greatest.
Talking with Allie about life.
Dancing in the rain on Saturday night to Adele and Brazilian music with some of my best friends. The sky was beautiful and the company was great.
Saturday was just one of those magical days.
Relief Society is awesome.
I love that I can rely on TBS to be playing "Hitch" exactly when I want to watch it.
Remembering all of the dancing, singing, making s'mores over bunsen burners, quoting Madagascar 2, and blowing bubbles in the chemistry lab when I was in high school.
Writing out To-Do lists and getting things done.
Spring Break starts for me on this coming Friday and the weather has been pretty nice this past week.
LET MARCH MADNESS BEGIN! The bracket will be filled out tomorrow for FHE...The best time of the year is here!

Three huge papers all due on Thursday.
Being so busy and having so much to get done. I wish I didn't have to go to work this week.
And I wish it wasn't Daylight Savings right now. I can't stay awake.
Still finding tiny leaves in my hair from babysitting yesterday. We were on the tramp and it was covered with dead leaves. Obviously I was the witch and the only way I could be turned into a princess was if they threw piles of fairy dust (dead leaves) at me.
As great as texting can be, I don't like it a lot of the time. I'd much rather talk to someone face-to-face or call them. Call me old-fashioned.
Figuring out how to play "the game" with guys. What is the game anyway? I hate playing games. It would be easier if we could all just be upfront and genuine with each other. Yep.
Coming upstairs after studying and Wils dog dumped the garbage all over the kitchen, the dishes haven't been done, and no one is to be found. Big messes=no fun.
Forgetting to get the brownies out of the oven. They were still good, but not as gooey and moist as I wish they were.

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