Props to you if you know what the title of this post is from.

What has happened to me since I left you last Thursday with my good things post?

Last Thursday, the following all happened:

Okay, I'm usually not a magnet for weird/awkward things. However, all of these awkward encounters just started happening recently.  And I don't know how to stop it.

#1. I was on my way to Family Studies and I was walking by the Biology buildings. I have a pretty fast pace when I walk and there was a guy in front of me with ginormous headphones on with screamo music streaming out of them. He slowly starts to slow to my pace. This guy is now walking right next to me. I had my eyes forward, but out of the corner of my eye, I saw him waving at me and finally he starts waving his hand in front of me and I turn to look at him and he mouths, "Hi." I just kind of smile and wave back, then start walking a little faster. He's still keeping up with my pace. All of the sudden he jumps in front of me, takes off his headphones and yells "YOU'RE PRETTY!" right in my face while his headphones are screaming. People walking around us looked shocked and started laughing, I'm sure I had the most bewildered look on my face and I said, "Umm thank you?" then promptly changed my course.

#2. I was walking across the street to the institute and I didn't press the button for the walk sign to flash, but there weren't any cars. A guy starts walking across the street next to me and says, "Oops we forgot to push the button." And I laugh and said, "Well, I think we'll make it across alive." And of course we did. Then he still starts walking along my side. He says, "So what is your major?" And I start telling him about my major...which I can go on and on about, because usually people don't know what speech pathology/speech & hearing science is. So I finish and ask him what his major is. This is his response, "I'm getting my MBA so I can replace my dad when he dies. Which could be soon. I'm actually pretty excited about it and the pay is good when you have your MBA, so you know..." I definitely started walking towards my car and told him to have a good day and good luck with his endeavors.

#3. Once I get to the institute, I decide to go to the bathroom and wash my hands, because I am a germophobe and campus is dirty. As I'm washing my hands, I look up and a guy has walked into the girl's bathroom. And he starts walking further in and all I say is, "Ummm...." Then he has a heartattack, screams like a girl, then says to me, "Uh this is awkward. I guess I'm in the wrong place.... but maybe I'll get your number another time." (I just nervously laugh and keep washing my hands, because I don't know what to say back) Then he says, "I gotta go real bad....so BYE!" And runs out of the bathroom. Ooookayyyy?????

Later that night, H & I went to dinner, then a jazz concert (for our Survey of Jazz class). And that was a blast. I had such a good time with him. He had lacrosse practice and had to leave the concert, but I walked with him to his car and I was going to leave too. Then I was indecisive and decided to drive my car back to the concert to make sure our professor wasn't there taking role. I got back to my seat and it ended five minutes later.

Then I was waiting for Kelsey to finish up her sorority activity and drive her home, because we carpool on Thursdays. So what did I do? I drove around the Avenues and I remembered how much I love Salt Lake City. I miss living in SLC...a lot. How did I end the night? I drove up to the top of the City Cemetery where you can lookout over the entire city. I sat there, I slept for ten minutes, I sang loudly, and I talked to people on the phone all while deer surrounded my car. Is it a herd of deer? Flock of deer? Flock of moosen? Well, there were at least ten of them.

Then Kelsey finished her activity, I maneuvered myself out of the deer flock to go get her, and we drove home and talked and sang as usual.

And that's why Thursdays are so crazy, but my favorite day of the week.

Other good things that happened over the weekend:

On Friday, I went to Applebee's and I saw the Justin Bieber movie with Allie and her friends from USU...it was fine. I love his music, but I don't get the fan craze and crying about how much you love him and how he has "beautiful pools of chocolate" for eyes. There was a mom sitting next to us with her three year old and she was going CRAZY over The Biebs. She kept leaning over to her little girl and saying, "Isn't he so cute!?" And she knew all of his songs. I think I was definitely more entertained by her than by the movie. I want to see "The Adjustment Bureau" this weekend...did anyone see it and like it?

On Saturday, the Jazz won their first home game since January. Big deal. And I was there for Institute Sorority Jazz Date Night. It was fabulous.

Church was great and dinner was great on Sunday, but other than that, I slept most of the day. And it felt good.

Things coming up this week: Lots of things due in classes and on Friday, I'm going to see "The Scarlet Pimpernel" at my high school...it's Ms. M's last musical. I think I'm going to cry.

It snowed about a foot at my house and everything looked gorgeous this morning. The commute was a little scary, but Catherine Shuttle survived.

PS: Did you know there is a place called the "Kissing Camels Country Club" in Colorado Springs? Yuck.


  1. WOW! Some seriously awkward stories there.... :D

  2. umm... why are there no dets about the jazz game?? haha!!

  3. it reminds me of this one incident from a few years ago when I was briskly walking towards my college for the early morning class when a guy suddenly started walking right by my side, and said to me, "you make a pretty picture"... I was too taken aback for a while and then just smiled back and mumbled thnak you!

    I had nearly forgotten abt this till i read what u had written!




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