Just letting you into my mind for a few minutes.

My mind is racing at a million miles an hour today.

Time is a funny concept, huh? I just have so much to do, yet, I feel like time has slowed down today and I've really thought about a lot of things.

And none of them have to do with my paper due on Thursday.

"Dog Days Are Over" -- Florence + The Machine

Remember when I had DISCO TUESDAYS? I was on my way home today and "Thank You (Fallentinme Be Mice Elf Agin)" came on. I smiled and it took me back to that time when I needed Disco Tuesdays to bring my spirits up. Of course, I still listen to disco in amounts unusual for someone of my age. It's amazing how music can lift us above everything.

But speaking from experience, you probably shouldn't listen to the YMCA while driving on the freeway...not the safest thing in the world.

H&I were at dinner and we were talking about our goals in life and our majors. And it got me thinking about how excited I am about my major, but he asked me why I wanted to go into Speech Pathology. I don't think I'd ever vocalized the "why" part to anyone, but I launched into a longer-than-needed explanation to him that I could have done nursing and been happy with it, but I felt like I wasn't making connections or seeing progress. With nursing, you see people for such short periods of time (unless you are in long term which I didn't see myself doing) and I feel like I would always wonder how they were doing. I am the type that invests myself in the well-being of others to the point that I could easily get burned out. With Speech Pathology, I get to teach and do something medical and I know I am a lot happier already with this decision. After I finished, H said something to the effect of, "So basically, you are going into Speech Pathology, because you like making connections and building relationships. You like to see progress and help see people all the way through their problems."  Exactly.

I've been thinking a lot about relationships. They are the MOST important thing in life. Our relationships with family, friends, material things, a significant other, God, and ourselves. They are the key to happiness. If you feel like you are lacking in life, look at your relationships and what you can improve on. And find what can be eliminated. It's liberating to let go of the relationships that are holding you back from achieving your potential. I've found it's incredibly important to take care of yourself first and see the "beam" in your eye before blaming your problems on others. I've also learned that it is important to SMILE and say "Hi" a lot wherever you go. Make fun if you want, but it has made a huge difference in my personal happiness as well as how people perceive me. It's best to just be nice to others and expect the best of them.

I look pregnant tonight. Really. And all I've had today was toast for breakfast, a burrito from Chipotle with chips & guac, and about a million glasses of water. I'm convinced that those burritos can fill you up for a day and a half.

Longing to go to Barnes & Noble and just sit between the shelves and smell and read. There is nothing like the smell of a new book. If it was a perfume, I'd wear it...

I could keep going, but I'll keep it at that and get back to my paper (maybe).

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