A Hugh Grant Moment.

Ever had one of these moments?

{Watch THIS VIDEO and you will understand}

I kind of have them all the time. 

Like today at work. 

I was at the printer, waiting for my big print job to finish. Of course, I had multiple songs stuck in my head. I looked around to see if anyone was looking and then, I just couldn't hold in the moves any more. I closed my eyes and I was pulling out the Saturday Night Fever/John Travolta moves with the hips a shakin'. Suddenly, Shelley walks in to get her print job and clears her throat as she walks past me. I start laughing, but she didn't think it was all that funny.


I also got made fun of by the computer guy, Frank, for having a juice box in my lunch. Don't judge me. I guess it's just what I get for working with a bunch of people who are significantly older than me. 

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  1. I always dance when no one is looking...well at least I think they're not :P


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