Sometimes, I'm just so intense or not-so-intense.

I came home from school feeling really exhausted today.

Just completely burned out and on the verge of a cold.

But of course, I could muster a little energy to go play a little driveway basketball 
with my dad and Thomas.

We were practicing free throw shots...mainly to prepare Thomas for his basketball tournament this weekend. 

As we were shooting, we turned it into a game and soon, I was getting really into it. 

With all my effort and might, I let one go and I made it, 

but I felt like something had ripped...somewhere. 

But I knew it wasn't my pants, so I was fine to keep playing.


After finishing the game, we came in and I took my jacket off. 

Lo and behold, I had ripped the back of my shirt by the sleeve. 

And I'm not talking a small rip. 

Yes, my really cute navy&white checked top with ruffles from Gap...one of my favorites.

After all of that intense game playing and putting on a new shirt, 

I did something not-so-intense and fell asleep in front of the fireplace for


 about four and a half hours.


Good thing I have a big midterm and a quiz on Thursday...

No big deal.

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  1. Oh no!:( I'm sorry you ripped your shirt. It's a pretty funny story, though. A 4 hour nap sounds wonderful. Seriously though, it does.


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