little things i loved today.

Little things I loved today:

Listening to Pandora at work (the best station of forties/fifties music with a sprinkling of broadway)

Stretching and leg exercises while sitting at my desk

Accidently typing "Alfronso" instead of Alfonso on a form at work and bursting out laughing. Just say, "Alfronso" out loud. Maybe it's only funny to me.

Oranges and clementines

My first haircut in [ six months ]

Taking the brother out for some dinner while the rest of the family was gone and watching Monk episodes with him (I gave him the third season for his birthday, because it's his absolute favorite show).

Falling asleep for fifteen minutes in front of the fireplace with my dog curled up next to me.

Waking up to go to Allie's house to play Just Dance 2 and watch home videos

A lot of introspection and figuring out what I can improve upon...in life. I feel as though I am always doing damage control for things I do, say, etc. Maybe I'm too hard on myself, but probably not.

I have a long way to go...but for now, just imagine me sighing a HUGE sigh of relief right now...

Because it's the weekend. And I'm going to simply enjoy it.
You should, too.

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  1. Fresh haircuts are the BEST ever. Seriously. They do amazing things to a girl's self confidence! And I want a link to that pandora station! It sounds fantastic!!! :)


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