A lotta driving and a lotta lounging.

{17 Mile Drive, Carmel, California}

-I took work off today and extended my weekend, hence the weekend post finally (I know y'all couldn't wait).
-Remember how I ripped my shirt due to prep for Thomas' basketball tournament? That tournament was a lot of fun. We drove all over the Salt Lake Valley to high school gyms, but I enjoyed every minute of watching my brother play on his comp. team. I found myself reminiscing about my experiences on teams and all of the high school bball games I attended. He's awesome....I love him and watching him do something he loves.
-Flowers. Spring is around the corner, my friends, I can feel it.
-Royal Pains. Another favorite TV show now...another show on USA...surprise surprise.
-Layering clothes and blankets (and blankets with sleeves, of course) to stay warm.
-Grandma Newman's 84th. It was fun to have soup and gather together to celebrate her. (Yes, more driving involved, but definitely worth it)
-O Magazine. I love Oprah. And Nate Berkus. Who was discovered by Oprah. Love him.
-NBA All Stars Weekend
-2 Tickets to the Jazz Game...March 5th. Even though the team is not doing so hot, it'll be fun to go and cheer my little heart out.
-Afternoon naps and falling asleep at 9pm on Friday night. Exciting, right? I thought so.
-Lunch with my family today. Mexican, yum.
-"I Do" By Colbie Caillat...so upbeat and fun. I love her music and this song is great... not that I'm "in like" or anything...
-But a certain someone did get back from his lacrosse tournament in California today.

Not Cool
-No blog posts since last Tuesday. I really slacked...oops.
-Uhhh....I didn't do ANY homework this weekend. Any at all. So now, I'm taking a quick break from writing a memo due tomorrow morning in Professional Writing. Tomorrow, I'll be writing a paper due Thursday and studying for a quiz on Thursday. Imagine me smiling really big and talking really sarcastically.
-Our whole family has been sick with yucky cough/cold/sinus infection-y type stuff. Especially Hope. She's missed almost everyday of school last week. She is still sick and looks white as a ghost. My head is throbbing and I've had sinus symptoms, but hopefully I don't get all full blown like she is.
-My friend, Garrett, was in Washington DC this past week. I'm SO jealous. Hopefully, I get to go there this summer to visit family.
-Maybe I mentioned going to California for Spring Break, maybe not. But Spring Break is a no-go for me. I just don't feel good about it, plus I can't get work off. The picture at the top of the post... I've been there all weekend in my mind. Sigh...I'll just have to find equally great things to do and start praying for it to not snow from about March 18-March 28.
-Since when did Kobe Bryant start calling himself "The Black Mamba"? He needs to be informed that it isn't that cool. Really though. And the "movie" to promote his name...is equally not cool, if not more. (Truly, unless you are completely bored out of your mind and can't think of anything else to entertain yourself...watch the movie. Otherwise...don't waste your time.)

Anything you have found really cool/uncool lately?

Have a great week, everyone!


  1. love this!!!! cool- today was a holiday... HECK YA! not cool-best buy still owes me a 800 dollar camera...

  2. Just listened to the 'I do' by Colbie Caillat - loved it!
    Cool - I have five full days off before I go back to Uni
    Not Cool - I'd love to go outside but the weather isn't on my side!

  3. That's so sad you can't go on spring break :(

    Callie Stats


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