Laugh it up, Fuzzball.

Taking a million pictures of yourself on Photobooth while listening to the "Singin' in the Rain" soundtrack (specifically, "Make Em Laugh") is an infinitely better option than writing a paper and cleaning my room (obviously it needs to be done).

Raise your hand if you agree.

And sometimes you need to practice awkward smiles, evil looks, or wonder what you'd look like with plastic surgery in the mirror...or Photobooth.
(I'm sorry if you think I'm a little vain...)

Maybe not post them on your blog... but heck, why not?

Everyone on campus has already seen me look like a fool today.
(Maybe not all 29,000...but a lot of people.)

I completely slipped not once, not twice. But yes, three times on campus today!
And the third time I found myself falling flat on my back and not being able to get up for a good 30 seconds due to the weight of a thirty-something pound backpack. Covered in bumps and bruises, but I'm alive and laughing.

I don't write this for sympathy, but purely for your enjoyment. Because it really was funny.

Go ahead and laugh at something...anything! There's a lot to be happy about in life, people. Truly.

PS: Brownie points to the person who knows what movie the title of this post is from. Revealing more of my nerdiness as well.


  1. I love you. seriously. when the webcam worked on my lappytop i did this all the time. laugh it up fuzz ball. i heart harrison ford.

  2. ain't no thang like making faces to the webcam... i heart harrison ford. slash.

  3. Haha I SO get you on all this! And like you said, heck, why not post some pictures?!

  4. This is so happy and cute! I love it. And I love your notebook story that you have with your best friend. Life is good, and things like that make it great :)


Thanks for making my day!

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