George McFly Laugh.

-A relaxing weekend. No plans. Just me & rest...of course I still have things to finish up for school, but I really took time to just start feeling healthy again.
-Professors who...1. remember you in a sea of 80 students 2. will write Letters of Recommendation and 3. compliment you.
-Hope and Thomas have told me on multiple occasions that I laugh too much. And my mom always tells me I'm becoming like George McFly in Back to the Future...because no matter how many times I've seen an episode of a TV show or a movie, I laugh hysterically. I take these things as a compliment. It's good to laugh and I'm glad I laugh a lot.

-You know how mash-ups have become really popular in the past year with shows like Glee? Well, I ALWAYS have multiple songs stuck in my head. Right now, I have a mash-up of "Penny Lane" by The Beatles and "God Only Knows" by The Beach Boys in my head and I can't say it would really be a best-seller on iTunes.
-J Crew sales are dangerous for me. Like really dangerous. I could buy one of everything in that store. And this weekend, it was 30% off Sale Items...so tempting. BUT I resisted, because I know I'm going to need new running shoes for a couple of 5Ks I'm training for, an outfit for JaNae's wedding, AND maybe a trip to Washington D.C during the summer. :)
-The Academy Awards are on tonight. I have so many memories of watching The Academy Awards with my mom and meals we've had, things we've done. And I did go see "The King's Speech" if you remember this post. It will probably be the only R movie I will see. Colin Firth was incredible, the movie was incredible, and I hope it wins a lot of awards tonight. Really, this movie gave me chills. See it if you haven't already.
-Good meetings at church today.
-Ty Corbin won his first game as Utah Jazz head coach on Friday night. I was pretty impressed by the team and Devin Harris, who we picked up in the trade. We have real potential to be good and I really wasn't sad to see D-Will leave, because honestly...he hasn't done much to help us over the past while. Now, Jazz, please pull through and win while I'm at the game this Saturday. :)
-This time of year is just spectacular. The Academy Awards, March Madness is almost here, and Spring is coming, slowly but surely!

I can't really think of anything NOT COOL to write about this weekend...besides a migraine and homework I need to finish...but those are ongoing battles. 
I'm sure there were some other things, but truly, life is good. 
Always remember to find the good things in life!!

What was cool/not cool about your weekend? Do tell.

PS: I was featured over here on Ashley's blog. Check it out {HERE}!

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