As y'all know, it was COLD today in Utah.

And funny things happened.

I have to walk all over campus. There are no shuttle routes really close to my buildings.

I was constantly shivering and pulling my coat hood around my face to stay warm.

But as much as I pulled my hood around my face, snow flurries coming from rooftops kept finding ways of pelting me.

I wasn't warm in any of my classes. I kept my two pairs of gloves and coat on all day. On the coldest day ever, the buildings didn't have any heat.
Hmmm? What is my tuition money going towards?

My ears almost fell off. Or they felt like they were going to.

I was walking to Family Studies when I saw a group of five Asians (this is not meant to be stereotypical at all) and they were walking together in a huddled group and chattering in I'm not sure which language. Then, every so often, one of them yelled, "OOHHH SHORTCUT!" then they'd all run across the grass or some shortcut which maybe wasn't a shortcut? I don't know where they were going, but they were a sight to see.

I saw a lot of guys wearing only suits or only light jackets. My friend, Trevor, ran up to me, wearing a light jacket and a t-shirt, gave me a hug for warmth (not that I was that much warmer), then kept speed walking to his next class.

I saw too many girls wearing skirts with no tights, skirts with tights, just leggings, skirts with leggings, and light jackets. I know I wasn't the most fashionable girl on campus today, but I stayed warm for the most part. Brains vs. Beauty?

I could barely drive straight. The ferocious wind kept whipping my car back and forth (it whipped my hair back and forth too... until I put my hood up) and I felt like I had no control over my little green Catherine Shuttle.

Hats off to all of my friends on missions in cold places! Like my buddy, { Daniel McDaniel }. In his last letter, he talked about walking around in 0 degree weather all day long, almost everyday, and I think I got a taste of that today. What champions all of those Elders are.

In short, the sun and blue skies were so deceiving today.

I'm really glad that I'll be indoors for the most part tomorrow at work.
Not that it will be any warmer. Really though.


  1. i know exactly what day you're talking about - it was brutal. do you go to the university of utah? i spent many days freezing my butt off on their campus!

  2. I love when I see girls wearing mini skirts and boots...NOT. haha.
    I'm glad you were able to stay warm and I'm sure you looked cute doing it :)


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