Fact: I love movies.

I don't claim to be one who has seen 'em all, but I've seen my fair share of good ones and some bad ones. My friends and I love to quote our favorite movies all the time. And now that the season of award shows like Golden Globes and the Academy Awards is here, I am truly excited.

However, I had a bad experience yesterday at the movies and my friend, Holly, brought my attention to this article {go to her blog here and the link to the article here}. And I thought I'd just share my thoughts with you. You can agree with them or not.

Yesterday morning, I drove my dad to the airport for a business conference in San Diego. As I was driving home, I was trying to think of something fun we could do that would cheer my mom up. She has a really hard time when he leaves, we all do. So I thought about what movies were out and we could go see it. The one that came to mind was The Green Hornet. A superhero movie. Usually, superhero movies are great. They are fine for kids, with the exception of language and some violence, but overall, nothing too horrendous. I had not read the reviews, but like most other families, I thought it would be fine to go see. We get to the movie theater, it is packed with families, and it starts. From the very get-go, I was shocked at the disgusting, suggestive humor in this movie and I felt so uncomfortable the whole time. This movie didn't promote anything wholesome or good. It had no message other than doing things to make yourself look good. And the movie made it look like it's okay to say disgusting things to everyone and be a suggestive, cussing slob in life and you still get everything you want.

Needless to say, we should have left. But we didn't and we all felt so sick at the end of the movie.

And it made me think about the rating system like the article discusses.

Kids can't wait until they are old enough to go to PG13 movies. And people will think it's okay to see a PG13 movie, because it "must be fine since it's not R". But there can still be a million disgusting and suggestive jokes or "just one or two bad scenes" and they can even throw in the F-word a couple times in a PG13 movie.

Yet movies like "The King's Speech" (which I want to see desperately) is rated R solely because of language and nothing else. It is a historical film and has a great message of being able to overcome a debilitating condition to be able to lead and say something comforting and eloquent to a nation in need.

Not that I'm trying to justify the R rating, but I think it's important to re-evaluate what we are watching and the underlying messages of the films we see. Even though it's PG13,  there can still be a lack of a good message and it can still be filled with immoral, dark, evil, and inappropriate content. The mind is an amazing thing and I can still remember things in movies that are not worth remembering whether it was dark and disturbing or immoral and inappropriate.

So next time, if I'm at a movie and I feel myself start to feel sick and the Spirit starting to leave, I'm going to leave too.


  1. I like this! I'm sorry the movie ended up being that way :[ I went and saw Fighter or Fighting or something like that and it was AWFUL! It no joke, said the F-bomb at least a hundred times. So I don't recommend seeing that one either. haha! Anywho, love you! Love your blog! Let's play asap!

  2. Oh my goodness I was just talking to my brother about the rating system. Apparently England has a different rating system so movies that are R here are rated something like PG-10 there.(It's not called PG-10 but it's something like that) Weird huh?


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