Modest really IS the hottest.

This school year, Lambda Delta Sigma has been emphasizing to all of the sororities at the institute how important modesty is. Though we had it hammered into our brains during our Young Women years, I think is a good reminder at our age. Because even though we haven't been through the Temple yet, we will be there sooner than we think and we still need to be aware of what we wear and cover up.

Some examples of why modesty is the "in" thing right now.

J Crew's Spring Lookbook
Nordstrom's What's New Now

I could keep going, but what do they all have in common? The majority of their cute outfits are modest or there are pieces that are easily just as fashionable when layered.

Finally modest and good quality dresses! You don't even need to buy a shrug or cardigan to cover up. They are very modest and fashionable all by themselves. Add an accessory or two just for fun and you're  the fashion model in Relief Society!

A friend from high school, Hannah, has a blog called "Fashion Diary of A Mormon Girl". She has put together outfits that are affordable and modest. It's fun to look at her pictures and see where she shops to get her great deals.

Another great friend, Steph, has a blog definitely worth mentioning. "stephanie's ramblings" are fabulous and she just started adding pictures of her outfits to her blog along with her posts of favorite things/wishlists. She's always been so fashionable and classy, I'd love to have her as a personal shopper. Love her style and her posts just about her life. 

The Daybook is a daily stop for me. I just love this blog so much! Sydney is not only UBER fashionable and modest, but very funny!

And last, but not least, there are great articles {HERE} on the blessings of being modest. 

"One of the foremost blessings associated with modesty is an increased sense of confidence."

I love that quote. Definitely a great blessing and thought to remember.
So when you go to your closet to coordinate tomorrow's outfit, 
 modest really IS the hottest.

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  1. cute blog and cuuuute thoughts! modest is the hottest - and i'm not just saying that! sometimes i see a cute tank top or shorts, but when you see someone wearing them - it's not even cute!

    have a lovely weekend!


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