A Little Less Conversation

This past week, I've felt like doing nothing at all. 
I don't even care to text anyone, call anyone, or get on the computer. 
A little less conversation...literally. 
I think it's really setting in...the January blues. 
Besides New Years and setting resolutions (coming soon), January is my least favorite month of the year. And school starts back up on Monday, so that just doesn't really help things. 

Today, four of us (Lydia sadly couldn't come) looked for a wedding dress for JaNae, can you believe it? 

May 6th in the Salt Lake Temple...I'm excited for her! 

We had lunch after shopping and we all parted ways at JaNae's house. I live around the corner from her and as I walked home, I just cried, because Allie had to drive back up to school. 

I hate it when we are all apart and we've had so many fun times during the break. I love how easy it is to be around these guys...no matter how long we've been apart, it's like we never were. We do really fun things, but most of the time we are just low-key and talk for hours on end. And that can be just as fun.

The blog will be up and running again soon, I just needed some quiet time.

PS: Happy Birthday, Elvis! 

Watching cheesy Elvis movies is a great remedy for my January blues. Revisit this post {here}.

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