Cool/Not Cool.

This weekend was...


-Coming home from work on Friday early (I'd skipped my lunch break and I had a migraine) to a nice chicken strips and blizzard lunch from DQ...because sometimes that's all that sounds good and my mom is a rockstar.
-Impromptu woman date with Holly... delicious Vietnamese dinner, going to see a movie, and Top It Frozen Yogurt...mmmm.
-Wore a hoodie for the majority of Saturday and Sunday.
-Finally scheduled a hair appointment in two weeks. Yep, it's been almost 6 months.
-Rocked a high ballet bun (so stylish) all day Saturday. I might change that to my permanent hairstyle until the cut.
-Watching Redbox movies all Saturday and Sunday night with the fam. What to watch: Charlie St. Cloud was probably my fav out of all of them. It's one of Mr. Efron's better works and the scenery is so beautiful...especially with Mr. Efron in it. Really a good movie. What not to watch: That freaky owl kids movie...Guardians of Gahool-something. We turned it off after 15 minutes...it was that weird/awful.
-Catching up on sleep...it was much needed. I only had about 18 hours Monday-Friday.
-Zebra Snuggie...yep, it's still cool.
-Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip Cookies in Sunday School.
-Talking to Allie on Friday night.
-Thomas and Dad survived their Klondike Scout Campout.
-Beethoven's Symphony No. 7
-I have been drooling over these bags for a while and my mom saw me looking at them, then said, "I owe you lots of money, just let me know when you pick one out. I'll pay for it." Yes.

(said in a Gru accent)

-Terrible migraine ALL DAY Friday. I couldn't get it to go away all day, even with Excedrin, an afternoon nap, and peppermint oil. It was the really awful kind that you feel in your face and behind your eyes and it makes your vision funny and you feel absolutely nauseated.
-I was dancing to The Bee Gees in my living room after dinner tonight, then something cut the bottom of my foot open and ripped my nylons. Yes, it was a tiny piece of glass from who knows where. But my foot still hurts and keeps bleeding...even though the cut is about 1 cm long.
-I have to return the boots from my shoe purchase the other night, because I tried them on this morning before cutting the tags off and wearing them to church and they really aren't fitting my feet as well as they were in the store...weird, huh? But then again, I shouldn't be surprised with how weird my feet are.
-The pedicure I got last weekend is already chipping...I can be girly about some things, right? ;)
-Didn't do any homework at all this weekend, which means I have some to do tomorrow. Oops.
-Work all day, then a big appointment with the dentist tomorrow.
-The fact the weekend is over.

What was Cool/Not Cool about your weekend?

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  1. Cool that I got to see my niece and nephew. Cool that I was picked consultant of the month at my staff meeting on Saturday. Cool that my Dad bought be some pants from J.Crew. NOT cool that I have these splitting headaches from NO WHERE. NOT cool that I didn't do ANY homework. NOT cool that I paid a giant check for rent. NOT cool that I haven't blogged. NOT cool that I may have caught strep from my roommates whom I love but can't seem to be sanitary or cleanup after themselves, thus spreading germs. Yaaayy.


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