Cool/Not Cool-January 30

-Resting all weekend, except for when my mom and I saw Country Strong on Saturday afternoon. 
-Garrett Hedlund. He is way attractive and his singing voice...ahhhh so good. 
Just listen {here} and {here} and {here} to my favorite songs. 
-After Country Strong, we shopped for a little bit. I got some cute new clothes and guess what? I'm down a pant size :)
-Calendaring out everything (and I mean everything I know of right now) in my life until May 24th. I'm not sure why I stopped at that date, but I did.
-I only have two actual finals during finals week. They are on the Monday of finals week and back to back...YES! I love that I will have them done and get the rest of the week to just work and not worry about school and focus on JaNae and Jared's wedding stuff!
-Eating chocolate soup right now (When you don't have chocolate ice cream, you get some vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup, then you mix it until it's all soupy. Delicioso.)
-11 to 2 Church, because then you still have time to sleep in and time for a quick afternoon nap. 
Hence, the resting all weekend. 
-The season of the chick flicks has begun. This weekend, it has been Nanny Diaries, No Reservations, When In Rome, The Lost Valentine (yep, a Hallmark movie), and I don't know what's up next...but I'm sure it's pure gold. 
-Sleepless in Seattle is up now...yessssssssssssssssss. Remember how much I love this movie?
-February starts this week! No more January! 

Not Cool
-Resting all weekend. I felt so bad, because I really wanted to visit Allie in Logan, hang out with Kacee girl, do a million other things, and I just felt sick and crummy all weekend.
-Migraines, pain, infections. No energy whatsoever!
-It's snowing right now.
-Waking up for work tomorrow even earlier, because of the snow and the commute. 
-It's still January...yuck.
-I should probably wash my hair tonight, so I look fab at work tomorrow...but I really don't care. Oops.
-Thomas turns 12 on WEDNESDAY! WHAT?!?!?! I swear it was just yesterday he was born and it makes me feel like I am getting old, which is the not cool part.

That's all I can think of and it wasn't a very exciting weekend, 
but palease tell me what was cool/not cool about your weekends! 

PS: Do you guys like my Cool/Not Cool posts? 
I'm thinking of doing them for every weekend, but give me some good honest feedback. Thanks, pals.

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