Been to the dentist and don't I look SO purdy?!

Four hours ago, my Facebook status was the following: 

"Ughhhh what a traumatic experience at the dentist. He used six shots to numb me up, even though I was completely numb after the first three and it felt like he hit a nerve with one of those needles. I may not be able to eat tonight and I hope I don't have Bell's Palsy after the swelling goes down... yikes hahahaha."

The face says it all/shows it all.

The visible swelling. The lopsided smile. The woozy, but mainly blank expression.

(no muscle control whatsoever...)

But good news! The swelling is mostly down, the pain is going up on the stupid pain scale ("What is your pain level on the scale of 1-10?" Worst/most ambiguous question in the world) and I was able to have half of a milkshake, Keva Juice (smoothie), and some soup.

But that doesn't mean I didn't slop myself up trying to get a little nourishment.

It's funny how I can go from loving the dentist to not loving him after one afternoon.

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  1. haaaaaa! I LOVE that photo of you taking a slurp from your smoothie. Oh don't I know that feeling!!


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