America's Favorite Blanket With Sleeves

Despite not wanting to go to school today, it was actually really funny.

In my World of Dinosaurs class, we just watched clips from Jurassic Park and looked at slides with pictures of dinosaurs on them, then we reviewed the scientific method. Yes, this is an actual college course.

My Family Studies professor could look like Robert Downey Jr., except he has really long curly black hair, smaller eyes, and a different mustache. And he's a bit thicker and shorter.

I was confused half the time in my Writing for New Media Class and I think everyone thought I was an idiot when I talked about how much fun I had playing Just Dance 2 for hours last Friday. But at least I found the classroom in the five-story maze library, right?

Best part of my day?

Coming home to three packages-two of them were filled with books and another one...

Yes, I finally gave in and bought a Snuggie. A classy Zebra Snuggie.

Is it sad that I got SO excited over finally getting my Snuggie?
(Thomas calls them snugwas, don't ask me why. But hearing him say that is a great ab workout for me)

I haven't taken it off since I got home and now I am watching the real RDJ in Iron Man. 

PS: This might be in the Top 10 Most Awkward Photos of Me...

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