"You don't find the happy life. You make it."-Camilla Kimball.

on our fridge, there's a magnet with a quote by camilla kimball, "you don't find the happy life. you make it."

the first thing that pops into my head when i read this quote is making pancakes.
i'll rewind my life to when i was a girl of three or four.

dad made my childhood magical. and it is not until i have gotten older to realize how much he sacrificed to make my life so good. isn't that just how it goes? during the week, he would work sometimes until very late at night [ten o clock or later] and we would hardly ever see him. my routine was to get up on saturday mornings, plug in a disney movie and play with dolls or play dress-up. i was usually the first one up, but dad soon followed [even though he probably needed the sleep] and would watch disney movies with me. he made me laugh harder than the actual movie and i'm sure he can quote something from almost every disney movie.

during or after the movie, we would make pancakes. i was always allowed to help him in any way i could from mixing the pancake mix and water together or getting the syrup and butter out. we loved to make pancakes. we would even stop to make pretend pancakes for the animal statues at r.c. willey when our family would go shopping for furniture. as i got older, we still would make pancakes on saturday mornings and i even got to flip them.

he braided my hair when i was dorothy for halloween two years in a row, taught me how to garden, explained algebra to me, gave me pep talks as he drove me to high school in the mornings of my sophomore and junior year, and packed my lunch from first grade all the way until i graduated from high school. [he still makes my lunch for me every once in a while]. my dad is one of the most incredible people i'll ever know and has taught me so much. through thick and thin, he always makes time for his family and he has always provided me with opportunities and chances to live life to the fullest. he has taught me that no matter how hard you search for happiness, you won't find it. you choose to make life happy. no matter what life throws at you, you keep moving forward and keep going.

today, my dad started a new job and i just wanted to thank him for all he's sacrificed to provide me with the best life possible. thanks for helping me make a happy life, dad.

love you.


  1. I love this blog. And I love you and your dad. You have a great dad!

  2. this is so, so sweet. i am so close to my dad, too.


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