The truth is the world is held together by things you can't see.

Miracle on 34th Street.
I love this Christmas movie so incredibly much and the message it teaches us all.

The cast is wonderful (Does anyone else have a little crush on Brian Bedford?) and I love what is said in this trailer.

"The truth is the world is held together by things you can't see."

How true this is! We can't see the Christmas Spirit at this time of year except in how it is manifested.  We don't know every mystery of this earth. We don't know everything in store for us in this life. We don't know the meaning behind every little thing that happens on this Earth. But we carry on as we put faith in God and we have faith that the things we can't see in this life DO exist for some greater purpose. Having something to believe in is something I think we all need to have in this life. If we don't believe in something, we have nothing. I would be nothing without my faith.

I love this Christmas season and the reminders this season brings through film, music, and many other ways.

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