London Calling.

I have a thing for England.
I think it is just such an incredible place.

My beautiful friend, Allie, was able to go there after our senior year in high school 
and her pictures make me crave going there.

And JaNae was able to go there on her summer sprint through Europe.

And all of this talk about the engagement Prince William and Kate Middleton makes me want to go there even more. I have a thing for Royalty anyway...I love following and reading and watching anything about the Royal Family...past and present.

Some of the greatest literature was written here from Shakespeare to Dickens to Austen to Rowling.

It boasts quite the history from William the Conqueror to Queen Elizabeth II.

It has survived the battering of wars and battles countless times in history.

And it is just plain gorgeous.

{Some of Allie's pictures}

London's calling, guys.

PS: I LOVE the ring selection. Princess Diana's ring now worn by Kate Middleton is stunningly beautiful. I don't care so much for Prince William, but can I have the ring and be Princess Catherine? 

Okay, thanks!

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