You can be disappointed in me/proud of me.

Remember this night when I went into a frenzy and bought tickets to Harry Potter?

Well, I didn't end up going with my PSI sisters
and I gave my ticket to another friend/PSI sister. 

Instead, I worked on a book report until 1 am and tried to sleep to get feeling better. 

As such a huge Harry Potter fan, I'm pretty disappointed in myself for not going. 

But I'm also proud for being responsible and devoting my night to getting something accomplished.

Word to the wise: Don't procrastinate or let yourself get sick at this time of year. 

I'll probably enjoy it more when I'm not in constant worry about assignments and tests.

Thank goodness for Thanksgiving Break and now I have even more to look forward to after hearing people's excitement about it! 

And the good thing about this situation, there is still the second part of the movie I can see at midnight during the summer!


PS: Please tell me you are watching Oprah's FINAL Favorite Things Show today. 
If not, you should watch it. Most definitely.

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