Looking at things from the right standpoint makes all the difference.

Dear [ Insert Your Name Here ],

Why is life so weird and crazy and lovely and terrible and fabulous ALL at the same time?
I find myself asking that question increasingly.

From one standpoint, this week has been one of the most trying and terrible weeks of my life. I don't even know where to begin about this week between a car accident, a mouth in excruciating pain and completely filled with canker sores, two big tests, major assignments (with more of them next week), completely devastating and heart-wrenching news about my friend's mom, my heart hurting for some of my other friends who are dealing with hard weeks, and then dealing with some people who plain and simple need to stop creating such huge headaches and problems.

I despise my tear ducts this week.

From another standpoint, it's been a huge week of trials. And trials are actually.... well.... really good for me. We can all grow from trials and our weaknesses become strengths. Sometimes, it is hard to see that in the moment all this crazy stuff is happening to you. But I promise, it can only go uphill when you've hit rock bottom. Even if you seem to be moving uphill one centimeter at a time. Things will get better and like I said earlier this week, you'll eventually get to that lookout point and start to see the bigger picture. Despite it all, I just keep laughing. I am lucky to have incredible people surrounding me and they keep me going. When the bad things keep happening, I can't get down. I can't let myself get down. I have to keep going and I will keep going. In the grand scheme of things, this week is like the blink of an eye, the drop of a pin, a gust of wind. What is done is done and I'm looking ahead to a fresh start. That's what I love about life. We can choose to learn from our mistakes, do better, and progress.

Thank you for letting me vent. You are just wonderful and I hope you have an incredible weekend.


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