Life is a mountain.

To me, life isn't a race or a highway. 
It's a mountain. 
I love hiking and being up in the mountains. 
There's something very humbling about mountains and their majesty.
There are beautiful meadows, streams, trees and flowers along the way, 
but the path can get rocky and steep at times.

I think friends are the pushers and pullers in my life. 
They push you to do the best you can 
and they pull you along when you think you can't keep going.

And somewhere in all of that crazy pushing and pulling,  you share lots of laughs, tears, and learn life lessons until you get to a lookout point on the life mountain. 
Then, you finally see that your work is going to pay off 
and you start see the bigger picture.

{Allie and I, Ensign Peak Summer 2009}

All because of friends.
I hope I can be as incredible as my friends one day.

Love you.

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