Honey Nut Cheeeeeriiiiooooos. (British-type sing songy voice, repeated obnoxiously.)

In case you don't know me and my random weirdness, here's a skit from Stake YW Camp during Summer 2009:

So...that explains the title of this post....

"I am a cereal girl, through and through." -Patti, our great sorority advisor :)
I too am a cereal girl. I could live on cereal. I have lived on cereal.  More specifically... Honey Nut Cheerios and Frosted Shredded Wheat. Always paired up with skim milk. (Also, I don't know how I became Pocahontas in that skit or what we were even DOING in that skit...but don't you love my gold leggings over my jeans?)

I love stationary, stamps, pictures of my grandfather, mother and trusty butler, Martin.

I also really love movies and quoting them...half the time people don't understand what I'm saying.
But I actually do love stationary and getting letters...a lot, a lot, a lot.

I am a basketball fanatic...College and NBA. I'm obsessed, remember? My brother, dad, and I can carry lengthy conversations about players, statistics, etc.

Uhhh did you see the Heat vs. Jazz? I was freaking out. 
Paul Millsap is golden!

Speaking of statistics (behavioral and research statistics in this instance), only about 4 weeks left in the semester. Breathe in, breathe out. Why is it that the first part of the semester is a cake walk, then everything starts picking up in the last half of the semester? Just curious.

So, yesterday was registration for classes. Even though I'm in my major now, I have to take an upper division writing class, art class, and physical science class for ASHA (American Speech & Hearing Association) requirements. My physical science class...I'm so not into taking chemistry and physics in college and making my schedule unbearable...so I'm taking a class called...

 World of Dinosaurs. Believe it.

I love getting ready. Doing my hair and makeup. It's my relaxation time. Clinique facial products and perfume, a little leave-in conditioner/damage protector, and a 2" barrel curling iron are my inanimate object friends right now in life.

I have the best (real life) friends in the world. Seriously. What would I do without them? I hopefully get to see all of the FAB FIVE next weekend for our other friend-Brutis'- bridal shower which I am hosting. Any pointers or tips on hosting a shower? Also, her name is actually Amy. We just called her Brutis growing up.

And now that I'm asking for tips and pointers, any on growing out hair? Mine is not too short, but it feels like it is just as awkward as this picture of me.

(my hair is pulled back in case you were wondering if i even have hair.)

I am a list maker. I make lots of TO-DO lists. And flashcards. 
They are all over in my backpack and books. Plastering my walls and desk(s). 
Probably too many, to the point where I have gone crazy. As manifested in this post.

Or it may be that I've had a migraine for the past three days that simply won't go away.

I am easily amused. I laugh A LOT. Another sign I've gone loco en el coco? Por su puesto. A lot of it is me laughing at things that aren't really that funny or lame jokes or random things that pop into my head. It's kind of a personal problem.

I also have a tendency to make up my own language that usually just JaNae understands and it's gotten worse now that I have a full keyboard on my new phone. I'm still not used to it yet and I just type gibberish.

I hope w'all (we all) have a happy and wonderful weekend!!!

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