Hermione and I.

Prepare yourself for a nerdy post.

Ever since I started reading Harry Potter, I have felt akin to Hermione. 
She is definitely my favorite character.

When we would play Harry Potter at recess, 
I was always Hermione.

(Yes, my classmates and I would act out scenes from Harry Potter on our playground in elementary school
...along with Star Wars. I was Princess Leia in Star Wars, but that's irrelevant.)

When I was twelve, I got my first email address. 
Of course, my username was hermione_12.

Why do I feel like we are alike? 
We both have long curly/wavy hair. We like adventure and breaking the rules, but we also like to be safe and wise. We are loyal to our friends. We like to always be right...sometimes to a fault. We love to learn.

The list could go on and on, but as I've been watching the movies before FINALLY
seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 tomorrow (if the blizzard clears up), 

I've realized that even my future profession
--Speech Language Pathology-- 
also has something in common with Hermione. 

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Basically, Hermione and I are almost the same person. 


I just need to work on the whole "living in and being part of a magical world" thing. 

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