Feeling A Little Elvis-ey.

Last week, I saw a sign for a church along 400 South that said, 
"The King Lives!-And we don't mean Elvis." 

(my attempt at getting a picture with my phone)


And Psych is back on!!! It's the only actual sitcom I watch now until Covert Affairs comes back on.
(Glee disappointed me too much the first season. As much as I loved it, I found myself rationalizing the inappropriate material way too often. So, my friend, Allie, and I decided when Season 1 ended, we wouldn't continue to watch it.  It's a good thing too, because I hear this season has become even more risque.) Long tangent, back to Psych. I love this show so much!! I heard this Elvis song in this scene from the episode from last week and it made me remember how much I enjoy listening to Elvis.

My friend, Kacee, LOVES Elvis. And I love Kacee.

When I was seven, I received an Elvis puzzle for Christmas. I loved it and I loved looking up his biography with plenty of other facts on my Encarta 1997 CDROM.

(this is most definitely worth watching. "jane...get me off this crazy thing!") 

Last winter, I watched Blue Hawaii for the first time and fell in love with it. On cold days such as the ones that we've been having recently, I want to get away to "Blue Hawaii."

Doesn't it look so fun?

And of course, I'm already listening to Christmas music. 
"Blue Christmas" by Elvis...with a sing-a-long by my dad is the best thing ever. 

So, in short...I guess I would say I'm feeling a little Elvis-ey today. 

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