Oh! So that's why I chose to go to the U....

One full week of Fall Break.
(Yep, folks. No school this week. Just catching up on the cleaning, getting ahead on classes, and working.)

The great football team. (Ranked #10 in the nation and 5-0 baby!)

We look so good in red.

And more reasons I am continually finding each day.

Just like this one time last week.

I was sitting in my Intro to Speech and Language Pathology class and my awesome professor was talking about the various ways you can go with this major. You can practically find any little niche you want with this major...ASL, multicultural issues, speech disorders, language disorders, then you can work everywhere from the medical field/hospital setting to elementary schools to private practice. There's even a specialized field of helping singers with diction and training their vocal folds to produce the correct sounds (Sound familiar, Viewmont choir kids?). The list goes on and bonus, this field is expanding and finding new problems to treat and solve. 

Have I mentioned before how much I love this professor? She is one of the kindest professors you will ever meet on campus and she has done almost everything you can in this field. She then went on to explain all the subjects you need to have a basic knowledge of and know to do this profession. I thought about all the classes I've loved and subjects I've loved since a very young age. Boom...it was like another answer to prayers. Another example of knowing the plan, line upon line, precept upon precept. You get it here a little and there a little. It's truly amazing to see how the Lord prepares you for things in your life and you don't even realize it until you are sitting in class taking notes! 

So, I'll say it again...
things really are falling into place for me and I love the University of Utah...so much. 
I've made wonderful associations and incredible lifelong friends, and gained so much knowledge in all aspects of my life. I know it's where I'm supposed to be. It's great to see the progress I've made here and how I've changed as well as how I've stayed the same. 

Loving life and loving the break!

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  1. Glad you enjoy the U! And I am glad they are doing well this year! So, what is your niche among all those options?


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