Keep on loving what is true and the world will come to you. You can find it in yourself. -Michael Buble

Don't you love Michael Buble?
I know I do.

Here's the other video to this song.

I love the message of being true to YOURSELF 

Let's go out and give our best leading star performance this week!


  1. Ahh this is one of my favorite Michael Buble songs. Both videos are awesome, but I may be partial to the official one with him and his rockstar getup. So strange to see him dressed like that.

  2. I recently started living by this, well, way before I heard the song, and the rest of the world sees me as a narcissistic person now. Hah.
    But I've never felt so great before, realizing how much worth one is just so great. ;-)

  3. this is beautiful. the meaning behind the quote has always touched me.


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