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Last night, I bought my midnight showing tickets for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One.

I kinda got in a frenzy and bought SEVEN tickets. 

I don't know who's coming with me really...
 I just know I will have one of those tickets. 

And I feel like it's better than a golden ticket. 

Yep, better than a golden ticket.

I could hardly SLEEP after I made the purchase. 
It was like trying to sleep on Christmas Eve, except it's ONE MONTH away. 

Last year, my roommates and I gave Harry Potter names to everyone in our building, so only we knew who they were and who we were talking about. It was DA BEST.

And yes...we had this picture on our door with the words "Password?" underneath. When people would knock, we'd say, "PASSWORD?" really obnoxiously and wait for a good response before we let people in. 

I successfully kept the home teachers out for two minutes with that little trick. Try it out.

I still just don't believe it's all ending. I can't even count how many times I've read the books and watched the movies. Some of my greatest memories with my family and friends involve Harry Potter movies and books (That's a whole other blog topic). I was so depressed for about a week after reading the last book. As much as I loved it, I knew that it was over and there would be no more. I loved waiting in crazy lines and going to midnight parties at Barnes & Noble for the books, then doing nothing else but take in all the book for the next 24 hours. 

Now that the movies are almost over, I'll be sad that I don't get to go to the movies with friends and family. I love seeing everything come to life and comparing it to how I envisioned it. And I'll also miss seeing that dreamy Daniel Radcliffe rub his lightning scar...jk! Yuck yuck yuck. 

What am I saying? Imma rambling now. 

Long story short: I don't think people really grasp how much I LOVE Harry Potter. 
Okay...maybe Ashley and Lindsay do...but still. 

I can't wait to see this movie!!!

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