California Dreamin'

Remember when I took a vacation in July and I promised pictures? Here they are for "such a winter's day". 
(oh and listen to THIS song while looking at these pictures)

9 hour drive to Truckee, California.

Nevada is basically desolate and a very odd place. It has my vote for "weirdest state ever".

However, Truckee, California has my vote for "cutest little-town-nestled-in-the-mountains ever".

"We have to be in a Hallmark movie town. There's a church on every corner and a mortuary."-Me 
(I didn't get a good picture of the mortuary and churches though)

Pristine and beautiful blue Donner Lake. The pictures do not do this lake justice. 
Go there and love it as much as I did.

4 hour drive to Bodega Bay.

Quick In-N-Out lunch? Check.

Fun Fact: Bodega Bay is the location where Alfred Hitchcock filmed "The Birds".

Sitting at picnic tables on the wharf, eating delicious clam chowder and fish and chips.

Trying to avoid the freezing waves.

Finding dead jelly fish all over the beach, so weird!

Candy shops like this one were EVERYWHERE in Bodega Bay.
So cute :)

Loved running on the treadmill in the fitness center at our incredible hotel, watching the fog roll in over the bay and the lighthouses flicker in the distance.

3 hour drive to Carmel.

Driving over the Golden Gate Bridge.

Some snapshots of San Francisco. Don't worry, we'll come back!

We arrive to our destination and of course, we go to eat at our favorite and best pizza place in the world-Allegro's Pizza. Then we head over to my Heaven on Earth, Carmel Beach.

The next day, we did a little Monterey Exploration.

The Great Zoltar told me my fortune.

Fishhopper: Home of the "Best Clam Chowder". CONGRATULATIONS! (It really was good.)

We went to the Old Wharf and saw boats...

Lots of seals....

And seals in boats.

The T-Shirt and Bumper Sticker Store on the Wharf.
So many funny, quirky things in there.
My dad is so proud.

Of course we swam and had more Allegro's pizza that night. 
Ohhh yummm.

17 Mile Drive. 

One of the prettiest drives in the world in my opinion. 
One day, I will rent a convertible and take the whole day driving along this coast.

We always stop and do a little exploring in the tide pools.

That crab was my best friend until it just about broke my thumb off.

Pebble Beach Market makes the BEST sandwiches and desserts.

Done with the drive and off to Carmel Beach!

Body surfing, sand castles, and relaxation...ahhhhh.

The next day, we spent one last hour in Carmel.

Isn't it so charming?

An hour and a half drive to San Francisco.

Our hotel and the view from our hotel.

Best Chinese Food, hands down. If you are ever in San Francisco, House of Nanking is a must.

More of Chinatown.

Going to WICKED!!!

Soooo fantastic.

Before we left San Francisco the next day, of course we had to go to Ghiradelli Square!!
Another Heaven on Earth :)

We walked along the pier, trying to linger longer.

But it was unavoidable. We had to get going. Drive to Truckee=AWFUL. What should have been a three and a half hour trip turned into a six and a half hour traffic nightmare. 
This is what we felt and looked like after that drive...

The next morning, we drove all the way home and again, there's nothing exciting in Nevada. Coming home was so hard after such a relaxing and incredible vacation.

With the crazy weather this week, I've been dreaming of California all day.

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