Bad week: Ending. Good weekend: Starting.

Today is the first day of the great weekend and the ending to a bad week. 
I no longer work on Fridays, so after my two hour class in the early early morning, 


First thing I did: Fill up on gas and get a car wash on my way home. 
The local gas station has a deal that they lower the gas prices if you buy a car wash...
so, essentially you pay the exact same as you do normally for gas, but you get a car wash too. 

Best ten dolla I've eva spent. 
It was three minutes of my car was being stampeded by machines filled with soap, bubbles, wax, and water. It was so loud and kept shaking my car, but I couldn't stop laughing. 
And my car...well, it looks amazing.

Now what are my plans? 

I finished all the homeworkies.

I thought In-N-Out was open, but it's not yet. Lamesauce.

Now I'm off to go run some errands with the fam and probably buy IRON MAN 2. 

Remember how much I love Robert? 


I'm so excited to buy this movie and watch it tonight.

Also, I literally can't wait for General Conference tomorrow. I get to go to the Saturday Afternoon session with Allie, Kacee, and Lydia. We'll have GOOD seats too. 
I honestly can't wait and I'm so glad the weekend has already begun!!!

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!

PS: For your viewing entertainment, here are some of the most brisgusting and ugly pictures you will ever see....

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