The things you find...

when you are cleaning your room for five minutes.

This was from my Honors English Class--junior year in high school with Mrs. Van Brunt (yes, I had her both years...all of you Vikings out thur). We were supposed to write for five minutes in a Nathaniel Hawthorne style--lots of flowery detail and mushy gushiness.  

Here's what my sixteen year old self came up with:

Once again, their eyes met. The pouring rain outside was barely heard, as their hearts beat louder than the thunder and the warmth of a summer’s day was exchanged between these two people from across the room. Occasions like this had been occurring more frequently as they began to learn more about each other. He had known her for over a year now, a few passing words had been exchanged and still, little was known about her, but now, her soft green eyes reflecting the quiet strong soul within intrigued him. Her long brown hair, even in the dim fluorescent light, seemed to have a ruby like glimmer. He wanted to tell her that her overall beauty and splendor, inside and out was breathtaking. Every time she saw him, she felt as though she was in the presence of the sun. He was such a bright and warm person; she loved to be around him and bask in the golden rays emanating from his being. He was the handsomest of men and she melted at the sight of his smile. He had the short, thick, brown hair and piercing eyes that were the deepest color of blue like the waters of the Caribbean. As they tried to look away, almost embarrassed that their eyes had met, they found that like a magnet, they were soon drawn back and looking at each other once again. Her eyes and his eyes—it was like lightning had surged through both of them. A connection was found. A deep connection that had been formed long ago between their souls and found once again…like the meeting of an old friend after many long and lonely years. In the meeting of their eyes, they found eternity again. It was a bond formed between strong beautiful souls that had been and would once again grow into a deep, everlasting mutual love. 

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"Waters of the Caribbean"?

Kill me.

Definitely full of flowery mushy gushiness.

Aka cheeeeeese.

Good memories.

I loved that English class. 

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