March 16, 2010

March 16, 2010
Today, I woke up before my alarm clock. Something that would probably surprise my dad. I got ready for classes and the weather said the day was warmer than usual, so I ended up just wearing my Jackson Hole sweatshirt with a long sleeved shirt to be comfortable and warm. It was the first time I had dressed down for classes ever since I started college, but I wasn't feeling quite up to getting completely dolled up. Besides, I love wearing my Jackson Hole sweatshirt and the memory of going to Jackson Hole while my dad finished up the LOTOJA cycling race. I made it early to anatomy lecture and received a text from my dad, telling me to have a groovy day. Just the usual for my dad. After class was over, I took the shuttle back to my apartment. While I was on the shuttle, I smelled a familiar smell. Christmas light bulbs. I don't know what it was and I don't particularly like that smell. In fact, it makes me feel very sick, but the memories of putting up Christmas lights with my dad and siblings flooded into my head. We'd pick different patterns each year and I would screw each light in, then take the strands to my dad. The smell made me smile as I got off the shuttle. As I crunched through little patches of snow left, trying to avoid the muddy grass, I made my way past the houses in Officer's Circle. The smell of baking bread warmed up the somewhat cold, crisp air and I craved a slice of my dad's wheat bread. Instead, I had a cold bowl of cereal when I got back to my room. Later, I was on my way to Nutrition after my IT class. I walk along the same sidewalk to Nutrition, but today, my path was partially blocked. There were little carts filled with mulch, all along my way. The gardeners were spreading the mulch over the wakening soil to prepare it for the warmer days coming. Memories came to my mind of preparing gardens at my house, picking out flowers and plants, and then planting them. My dad, of course, taught me how to do these things and how to do many things. He is a great man and I miss seeing him everyday. I'm sure I had tears still streaming down my cheeks in my Nutrition class. These types of memories keep me going through the week. He is a rock in my life. I can always count on him and I am grateful for the time he took to make these memories with me as well as teach me the important things in life. My dad has helped me become so much of what I am today. Today, I realized that even though I live away from home, I can always have home with me because of what my dad, mom, and siblings have taught me and the memories we have made.

Happy Birthday, Dad. (on Friday)
I'm so glad I am able to see you everyday and that I was there for your birthday party. But no matter where I am and what I am doing in life, I will always be thankful for the time you have spent with me, the knowledge you have taught me, and the love you have shown me. 
Thank you so much for everything.
Love you so much.

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