Let the cleaning begin!

A few months ago, 
I felt listless. 
About everything in life.

Now, I am loving life. But I need to do a little cleaning up after my little messy summer self. 

My energy is coming back and I'm taking out all of the "energy drains" in my life. 

It started with eliminating Facebook from my life.

Next on my list, my room. 

I may not do a before picture...that's how bad it is....but you'll probably see the after. You see, I was planning on moving out and things are still in boxes. But that didn't happen and the boxes haven't really been unpacked.

Then exercise...

I've gotta get into shape to feel good AND to look good at these girls' weddings. 

(JaNae, Amy, & Me...The Three Amigos! 2008)

Well, Amy's wedding first... and I'm sure JaNae's won't be too long after Amy's. 

Who knows what is next on my list of removing energy drains, but 


(Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere! Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere!)
Yep. Let's admit we all sing that song still.

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