Everybody's working for the weekend. -Loverboy

"Everybody's working for the weekend!
Everybody wants a little romance
Everybody's goin' off the deep end
Everybody needs a second chance, oh
You want a piece of my heart
You better start from start
You wanna be in the show
Come on baby, let's go"

I remember first hearing this song by Loverboy in high school when my hilarious and wonderful friend, Dan, sang it to me in AP Psychology. I'm sitting there working on something and I hear him start humming and I ask him what he's humming, then he started singing his version of the song....

"Everybody's working for the weekend.
Everybody likes to dance.
Everybody swims in the deep end.
Everybody likes to dance, oh.
You want a piece of my heart
You better begin at the start
You wanna to do the tango
Come on baby let's go."

Both versions are pretty good, but I like Dan's a little bit better. Especially, because he was so serious about it and still thinks those are the lyrics. It's just so him. I miss that kid. He took me to homecoming and that was probably my favorite dance. We had a blast going as friends, doing a cheesy dance picture pose, and laughing at so many things! Another song that always reminds me of him is "Realize" by Colbie Caillat. It was a slow dance and we just started singing at the top of our lungs, disrupting and probably ruining that dance for those around us. When we got into college, we'd call or text each other every other week and just catch up for a little bit. He's doing some great things in Minnesota right now and I love little reminders (in this case, those two songs) of good times with all of my missionary friends!

Now that we've all worked so hard for the weekend, 
I hope you have the best weekend EVER!!!!

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