Covert Affairs.

Ever since we saw the pilot in California, I've been kind of addicted to Covert Affairs. It is the thing I look forward to watching on Friday afternoons when I have finished up school, work, and everything during the week. I love this show, but what I love even more about it....

Jai Wilcox played by Sendhil Ramamurthy.

I think he is definitely an addition to my gorgeous men list. I know you will agree with me...

Ah yes, the gray suit and glasses combo. 
Melts my heart every time. 

Along with this smile...

I always tell my friends that I want to marry someone with a little ethnicity. 
And someone like Jai Wilcox would be just perfect. 

I don't know how I'll wait until next summer for the new season...

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  1. We are watching Heroes right now. I always thought he was a little creepy in it. But, he does look nice in the pictures you posted.


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