Become as a child.

I read this blog a few nights ago and it reminded me of a few days ago when I was sitting at work and thinking about names that I liked. Suddenly I felt the most overwhelming love wash over me for my future children. It was almost like they were there with me. It felt so familiar to me. That feeling helped me remember that I do want to be a mom someday and that I need to work harder to become as a child.

Though it won't be for a long time, I will love the moment when I first hold my own child's tiny hand in mine.

Read them bedtime stories. Kiss them goodnight. Go on walks with them. Jump in rain puddles with them.  Pack their lunches. Sing songs with them. Go to their games, school programs, and field-trips. Teach them. Learn from them by seeing the world through their enthusiastic, pure, and loving eyes.

I am not planning on having a baby for a long time...goodness, I'm not even married yet or close to it. But I just know that one day, I will find fulfillment in being a mother and wife. I have realized that it is something I want to eventually be and hopefully, I'll be good at it. No guarantees, but I hope so.

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