Which of the following numbers is not a prime? SEVENTEEN.-Ramone

How can you NOT just LOVE Ramone in The Proposal ?!

I have a new fetish for camp shirts.

No one can touch Michael Buble's voice and sound. It is GOLD.

A proud moment for me was when we were sitting down to dinner and my brother got all of the steak knifes...then came over to the table and said, "KNIVES! KNIVES! ALL KINDS OF KNIVES! EVERYONE PICK OUT YOUR FAVORITE KNIFE!" I am such a good influence, right? And brownie points to you if you know what that is from.

Pain feels good to me. 

I love hardwood floors.

I don't know how I forgot that Freddy Prince, Jr. is WAY attractive.

Lemonade is always better in the summer.

Sometimes, I wonder if I could pull off a headscarf and listen to music like "Turn! Turn! Turn!" By The Byrds or "Ventura Highway" by America while riding a cruiser through the Avenues. 
It sounds really fun to me. 

I despise searching for apartments. 

Haircut is a little better. And by little, I mean...it's not really growing on me, but it works.

The Summer CDC (Cafe Rio-Dairy Queen-Cutler's) diet is going to put me in the CDC (Center for Disease Control). 

I appreciate my parents more and more everyday. 

I saw Hatches Chocolate today...and almost went in, 
but I was scared that I would somehow end up in a dramatic episode of Little Chocolatiers.


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