"Your kidney infection is resistant to all antibiotics, so stay in bed and drink plenty of fluids."

That was the news I got when I called the doctor's office this morning.

Problem: I have school and work and sorority and homework and a billion other things to keep up on.

Well, not a billion things, but it seems like it...

Flashback to the Wednesday before school started.

I started having really bad back pain in the kidney area and just felt lousy.

Friday night: My friends and I had a sleepover before school started for us. All I  did was yawn and I was the first to fall asleep....okay somewhat normal, but not entirely.

Saturday: Temple trip with my friends I had sleepover with and then my grandparents visited during the afternoon and all I did was sleep...the entire time. Not normal at all.

Monday: Work, then school started and I was great....still felt lousy, but I was still going.

Tuesday: School, work, and RUSH for sorority for infinity hours. then I met up with Rosie, my old roommate and great friend, at The Pie to get some nourishment before the ride home. On the way home, my car starts to get really hot...smoking hot...and so I stop in bountiful to get some gas...because I was almost empty and then I drive home. I had been gone for a total of 17 hours...straight.

Wednesday: Emotional breakdown at breakfast. Work. Go to doctor to get tested for infections and get antibiotics. School. Come home and do homework.

Thursday: School, work, so tired. First sorority presidency meeting, then first sorority meeting. Then Sigma Gamma Chi carnival...I swallowed a live goldfish at this event. Drive home. Gone for total of 15 hours straight.

Friday: School, work, random Bountiful Temple trip with Marius (the Norwegian foreign exchange student who came back to visit), and then I completely crash. I watched Covert Affairs and Psych and a bunch of other shows without doing anything... highly unusual for me. I always have to be doing something while watching TV. I have never felt so sick in my life.

Sunday: Fireside for RUSH week. Arnie Ferrin spoke and it was fabulous. Talked to my most recent crush, which was good. Then, we had a presidency meeting for sorority. I felt so sick the entire time. Sweating, chilling, huge headache, the works. I didn't even know if I would make it home. Came home and fell onto the couch. I couldn't even get up. My mom brought me my phone and I left a message for my boss saying I was sick and wouldn't be in this morning, then emailed her to cover my bases. Then I covered up and fell asleep on the couch. It was like paralyzing pain and sickness.

TODAY: Called doctor as soon as I woke up. And that leads to the beginning of this post. So hopefully I will get better. I am determined that I'll kick this sometime this week. I need to. I picked up my MUSS tickets today before classes and on the way, I bumped into one of my favorite professors from last year who has had part of his right leg amputated due to a tumor this summer. I was in shock. I didn't even know what to say except for "I'm so sorry" a few times and it made me feel so grateful for what I have and so sad for what he has lost. I haven't stopped thinking about it all day.

Compared to so many people in the world, I am a very healthy girl. And a very lucky and blessed girl. I love all my classes. I know speech pathology is what I want to do. Things in my life just feel...so right...in so many ways right now. They are all falling into place and as stressed as I sound, I know I will be able to get everything done and do anything put in front of me.

Pray, because He is listening and knows us.

And give thanks for what you have been given TODAY and EVERYDAY.

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