It is official.

  • I currently have four wedding invitations on my message board in my room. 
  • I dream about my friends' weddings...CONSTANTLY. Most recently, I dreamt that JaNae had everyone be in wheelchairs at her wedding so everyone would be "on the same level" and "feel equal". Whaaaaat?!
  • I see a new relationship status on Facebook every single time I log in.

It must be official.

It is hitchin' season. 

Personally, I feel the same as Steph

I am excited for them and wish them all the happiness, 
but I know I feel way too young and that I am not ready for it.

I have too much school, too much adventure, too much serving, too much refining to do.

But, one day...it will happen. Just not in the near future. 

Yet, I never know what is "just around the riverbend" for me
...no one knows what is beyond that frustrating, mysterious, and exciting riverbend.

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