I heart my job.

Typical day in the life of working girl Catherine....

6:00 am-Wake up. I do NOT remember how I fell asleep on the couch last night. Oh well.
6:15-All showered.
6:17-Put on some make up.
6:20-Too lazy to do my hair today for the first time in a long time. Bun it. 
6:45-Get dressed and all ready for work, then just chill aka check facebook, blogs, etc. WHY IN THE WORLD AM I ON FACEBOOK AT THIS HOUR? This is so pathetic. I should be cleaning my room...or something. Nope. Nevermind. WHY IS FACEBOOK SO ADDICTING?

7:10-Leave house. You never know what traffic and parking will be like. And today it was baaad.
7:20-Still in traffic and singing my heart out. NOW I remember why I fell asleep on the couch. I was watching a movie...what was I watching though? I hope that work goes by fast today. 
7:45-Finally to the parking garage. Okay, here's why I left earlier today. On Thursdays and Fridays, there are about a bajillion weddings. So naturally the parking garage has many more cars in it and therefore harder to find a spot.
7:50-Found a SPOT! Yeah, it took five minutes as opposed to the usual 1 minute find to my favorite spot. Now I will go over to the elevator. I could write a novel on all of my elevator rides this summer. In the parking garage, I know that one of three scenarios of occupants will be found when it opens:

1. Family members for a wedding. It's always fun to listen to their conversations.
2. Senior missionaries. Thank you for offering me a 15 pound zucchini from your garden, but I really don't to carry it around all day. Thank you for being so kind though!
3. Other employees. Seeing as how I work at a place where everyone has the same standards as me, I have gotten good at inconspicuously looking at the left ring finger of the younger good looking male employees. But always, there is a ring. So, blah. Boring.

BUT today, the elevator opens and it is filled with good looking younger men in suits. I'm sure I had a huge grin on my face, but too bad I realize in 3.2 seconds they are all missionaries. Yes, they are tall, heartbreakingly handsome, incredibly nice, AND single...but so not available.

7:55-Walk to my building. Interesting crowd this morning. I wish the cello player was here on the corner again. Ohhhh man, it's the longboarder*.  My heart is melting.
7:59-Go up the elevator. It goes dizzyingly fast to the point where I feel like I might black out. Stagger out of elevator while trying to not fall over and walk to cubicle.
8:00-Computer is fired up and email is checked. Now I guess I can start my work, but I wait. Because usually, my boss, one of my supervisors, and the lady in the cubicle next to me come into my office one right after the other to tell me what my work is today and ask me for the complete run-down of last night, my life, and the lives of everyone I know. Then I do likewise and ask them the same questions. I love this part of the day.

8:20-Finally settle in to my day's work. I never know what to expect for work, since my job entails many different tasks. Today, it is data entry and updating records. Which could get boring...good thing I have the most RANDOM mind in the world.
8:23-I was watching Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Why was I watching that? I really don't like Marilyn Monroe. Except in How To Marry A Millionaire. Plus...I don't think gentlemen prefer blondes. Or do they? I love my hair color. My hair looks SO gross today. 

8:24-Connie, the lady in the cubicle next to me, comes in to my office again and says, "I really love your hair today. It is so cute! You should do it like that more often." I say thank you and she tells me about the wedding reception she went to last night.
8:27-Around this time, it is so quiet and all you hear is typing or the occasional phone ring. I wish my phone would ring more often. Haha I can't believe Connie thought my hair was cute.

8:30-Completely focused on work with three different songs running through my mind. I constantly have  a song or multiple songs stuck in my head. "oh oh what are you waiting for? say goodbye to my heart tonight....a dream is a wish your heart makes...birds flyin' high, you know how i feel...i'm gonna give all my secrets away."
8:40-Phone rings! YAY a phone call for ME! "Membership this is Catherine. How may I help you?" "Yes...can you connect me to.....?" "Yes, one moment please." Darn it. 

8:45-Now, everyone except me starts to be on the phone with their family and friends, with co-workers, or with the technical team getting problems fixed.

8:50-Bathroom Break
8:55-Back to work. "BARTY CROUCH....Junior!" What is that from? Duh, Harry Potter! I love Harry Potter. I can't wait to see these last movies! SO GOOD. I am mo def going to the midnight showing and dressing up. I do NOT even care.
8:57-Eavesdrop on phone conversation going on next to me. Eh...not too exciting. 

9:00-Three more hours. Focus. 
9:02-I really do love my job. Three more hours...pfftt. Not even that long. I can get so much work done in that amount of time. 

9:15-Server crashes. This usually happens every day. I am not sure why, but it involves a lot of phone calls, people running around, tech guys coming to check things out. It gives me about ten minutes to do anything unrelated to work. Today I read the visiting teaching message and a few other articles in the Ensign/Liahona online and read a cute email from Holly.

9:30-Server is back up. Back to work. I got a lot done. Now, get a lot more of the REAL work done. 

9:47-My screen keeps going white. What? Did I break it? Is the server down again? I'm nervous. What if I did something and broke it? What if I lost all of the work I've done this morning? I saved it though...I should be good. Ugghhhh, I don't want to tell anyone! I'm scared!

9:50-"How did I get tangled up in this voo-doo madthness**?!" BURST OUT LAUGHING. What movie is that from? The Princess and The Frog. LOVE that movie. Oh my gosh.

9:51-Still laughing out loud. Look of disapproval/confusion from lady in cubicle kitty corner from me.
9:52-Voo-doo madthness. HAHAHAHA
9:53-Still funny. BUT I need to tell someone that my screen is white. 
9:54-Quotes from Harry Potter AND The Princess and the Frog are running through my head. I am crying from laughing so hard/trying to keep the laughs in but not really succeeding. WHAT IS MY PROBLEM? It's really not that funny, but it actually is. 

9:57-Phone rings. "Membership, this is Catherine. How may I help you?" "Yes, I need to speak to......" "Hold please." Phone call brings me back to reality and makes me disappointed. Now I need to find more work.

10:00-Go tell my supervisor that my screen keeps flashing white. She informs me that it means I have finished all of my work for the week, then tells me that she has something for me to do....meaning that I get to do the next odd job that they need me to do.

10:02-They found me something to do. Sort papers and then enter them according to category. This is definitely daydream time for me.
10:15-Dreams are weird. What are the purpose of dreams? Hmmm. 
10:30-After a long stream of trying to remember my dreams, I come back to reality when I hear someone start talking about Psych. Yes, all of the ladies I work around watch TV shows and listen to music while they work to keep them alert and focused...unless they get distracted. The lady kitty corner of me starts talking about Psych and Covert Affairs...two shows on her lineup which I also like....with the lady in the cubicle by her.
10:33-They finish talking about Psych and Covert Affairs, so I lose interest. I love me some Sean and Gus.

10:35-Still talking about the plots, their predictions, and their favorite characters on all the shows they watch. How do they keep all of these people and plots straight?! I am confused listening to them. Suddenly one of them says, "He is really good looking, I mean, REALLY good looking." Please keep in mind that the youngest lady I work is probably in her early 40s. And these ladies are probably in their sixties. Yep.

10:45-Voo-doo madthness. Laugh out loud quietly.

10:53-Finish the sorting, start the entering...but first a little pick me up snack. Usually a granola bar or snickers bar. Today is a Snicker's day.

10:55-Start entering. Do you know the way to San Jose? La la la la la la la la la!

10:57-Barty Crouch, Junior!!! 

11:00-Keep entering and trying to focus. My mind is static right now...then it picks up on the conversation about traveling that lasts for the next twenty minutes in the cubicles around me. I listen to all of the horror stories about their traveling experiences and planes, etc. I laugh to myself about things they say.

11:20-Voo-doo madthness. Bahahaha.

11:30-Finished entering everything. Now send it to the printer.

11:32-All printed and ready to go.

11:35-Reload the printer trays with paper...simply because I have nothing else to do.

11:40-Check email again and no more work for today...still try to keep busy until noon. Keep trying. Keep trying to stay busy. Okay, just look like you are busy. 

11:42-Walk around cubicle and stretch.

11:43-Honestly...this could not be going any slower.

11:47-A cake, Frank, is flour and water. My first car didn't even cost $1200. Well...hahahha, whelcome to the nineties, Mistahr Bahnks!

11:55-Keep laughing out loud at all the quotes and songs running through my head. Everyone should be used to my random outbursts of laughter now, but they always ask me if I'm okay or just give me weird looks. Eh...what can you do?

11:57-Pack up my bags and lock the desk.

11:59-Walk the long way out of the office and say good-bye to everyone.

12:00-Get on elevator and walk back to car until the next day to repeat it all over again...except with new quotes, ideas, thoughts, show plots to hear about, and phone conversations to eavesdrop on.

I heart my job. 

*Okay people. I DO have good taste. This is not just any longboarder. This is a clean-cut, fitted-suit wearing longboarder. He is devastatingly handsome and has the BEST smile. Yeah he doesn't really fit the "longboarder" mold, but I think he's a student at the U and works in the same place as me...oh and he is single or so the ring finger tells me...but seriously, who knew that longboarding could look so good?! If only all longboarders looked like models...

**Please watch this part. You will understand why it is HILARIOUS. Prince Naveen's little assistant says it with a lisp and I had to come home and watch the movie!


  1. You make me laugh so hard Catherine! Especially when you come home and have another laughing fit on the couch about "Voodoo madthness"

    I love your mind.


Thanks for making my day!

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