Bad haircuts and long days.


My regular hairdresser is out of town, so I decided that I would just go to a local cheap salon and be a walk in. Big mistake. 

The fresh out of beauty school girl starts talking to me about ALL of her problems and dramas. Family problems. Work problems. Friend drama. Boyfriend drama. Everyone-and-their-dog drama. 

And all the while...I see big chunks of hair falling to the floor. 

I distinctly said to her before she shampoo'ed and started cutting, "I would just like a trim of about an inch or less."

She had to have cut off three or more inches...with no styling. Just straight across. 

I've tried to fix it, but the only remedy seems to be just letting my hair be its curly self.  

All the time I've spent trying to grow my hair out has just been thrown out the window. 

And as you can see,  it just looks awful. Especially for our family pictures tonight. 

(pre work photo booth...yikesies. my hair hits just below my collarbone)

I promise to myself and the world I will never go to anyone but my hairdresser again. 

Here's hoping my hair will grow out again. 

I'm in for yet another long day...I hope I survive!!!

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  1. Oh no Cath!! I'm so sorry!! I'm sure you still look gorgeous! But I know how it feels when you're trying to grow out your hair and some weirdo with a pair of scissors chops it all off! It happened to me once, I wasn't very happy :[


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