Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now.

And the song of Disco Tuesday is...

"Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now" By McFadden and Whitehead!!

This video is a gem...gotta love Soul Train!

I love the lyrics to this song...look em up!... and today, I feel like there ain't no stoppin me now.

Major Declared: Speech and Hearing Sciences (aka Speech Pathology)
Housing Situation Figured Out: Living at home and commuting for now
Schedule: Mostly figured out

Everything is finally falling into place and I feel so determined and reassured now.

There's been so many things
That held us down
But now it looks like things
Are finally coming around
I know we've got
A long long way to go
And where we'll end up
I don't know
But we won't let nothin' hold us back
Put our show together
We're polishing up our act well
And if you've ever been
Held down before
I know you refuse to be
Held down any more
Don't you let nothin' stand in your way!

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  1. I had two different roommates who went to school for speech pathology - sounds really interesting!


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