You've Got To Get Back In The Race.

The Tour De France is the most prestigious and challenging of all professional cycling races. And right now, it's Tour De France Season. This means that we watch about three hours of British men-discussing, spandex-wearing, crazy-fan-screaming professional cycling every day for basically the entire month of July. 

(My dad just doing his thing)

Within the past five years, both my dad and my brother have gotten into cycling. When we watch the Tour De France, we covet over the bikes (my dad and brother) and enjoy the beautiful scenery (that's my job). My dad has done a few big races locally and my family goes as his support team. We always enjoy cheering him along the way and hugging him at the end of the races, no matter how sweaty he is. 

One night, I was listening to the announcers while I was in the middle of something else. It was just indistinct chatter, but suddenly a phrase came out. They were discussing the things that one rider needed to do. In a thick British accent, I heard, "You've got to get back in the race. You can't let setbacks put you behind. You have to move forward." It was almost like they were speaking to me as well. It was such a good reminder to me that in the midst of all the disappointments and heartbreaks in life, we can't just stop. We are in the climb of our lives. We can't stop in the middle of the road in the mountains of France...no matter how pretty and appealing that could be. We must move forward and continue. The hard work will pay off. The reward for overcoming life and it's adversities will be much greater than we can even imagine. But we must remember one thing: WE are not alone in this race.

One concept that I love about cycling is drafting. For those of you who don’t have a brother and dad who are crazy about cycling, drafting is where one cyclist will go at the front of a pack of cyclists and block the wind for the other people behind them. The cyclists behind then have an easier time riding because a tunnel--or a void of the wind--is created by the one cyclist in the front. However, the cyclists must constantly be watching the leader and carefully follow his path to keep the wind out of their way and to stay on course.

Continuing with the life analogy, we are all cyclists in the race of our life. We need to call upon the help others to help us get through the race. Let people draft for you and accept their help. I am thankful for the leaders of the pack in my life. The examples. The drafters. They help lessen the winds in life, they guide me along my path, and they bring me true joy. The ultimate drafters in my life are my Savior and Heavenly Father. They will always and constantly be the leaders for us. As we learn to rely on them, they block the wind for us and guide us along the journey to return to our earthly and Heavenly families when our race is through. 

(LOTOJA 2008)

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