"When you feel down and out, sing a song...it'll make your day!" -Earth, Wind, and Fire

Sometimes, I wish I had that Edward Cullen ability to hear the thoughts of those around me. 

This morning, I was jamming out on my way downtown for work, as I usually do. 

I can get really into songs when I'm driving.

I'm making up choreography and dancing.

My facial expressions are extremely exaggerated.

And I'm singing at the top of my lungs.

But as I came to a stop and I was stuck in traffic for three or four minutes...

I kept up my normal behavior.

Only... the people in the cars around me were looking at me. 

And for that second... I could almost hear the conversations and thoughts in the cars around me. 

"Is she really doing this?" thought the man in the Camry as he snickered at me.

"{insert popular boy name of 1994 here}, do you have your camera phone? This girl next to us is nuts! We could put her on Youtube and she could be known as the craziest car dancer ever!" said the mother to her teenage son in the van.

"I am so embarrassed for that thing in the car next to me...I can't even look at her." thought the business man in the Lexus (of course).

"Maybe if we ignore her...she'll stop." thought the too-cool girls in the van.

"Oh yeah, you go girl!" thought the lady in the Red Explorer.

And did I look idiotic?

You betcha.

Should I have felt self conscious? 

Well, maybe...

But in the words of the good friends of mine and my iPod--Earth, Wind & Fire, 

"When you feel down and out, sing a song...it'll make your day!"

I know it made my day!

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