"It is the smaller moments that create the most exquisite beauty."-Anonymous

(reading "Eat Pray Love" on Carmel Beach)

My sister brought me this bookmark back from her basketball camp at BYU. 
She told me when she gave it to me that the quote reminded her of me, because I enjoy things like "watching the spaghetti boil and stirring it around", because it is "beautiful". 

This is actually true.

We were making spaghetti for dinner a few weeks ago
and I couldn't get over how cool the spaghetti looked
as I stirred it around in the pot and watched it boil and bubble.
I kept telling my family to look at how beautiful the spaghetti was!
They just laughed at my fascination and didn't really acknowledge the beauty.

Call me crazy, but I think it is so important to recognize these beauties around us--
however small and seemingly insignificant they may be. 

I love to watch the windows of washers and dryers 
as dirty clothes are tossed and turned into clean, fresh smelling and warm clothes.

I love the look and taste of chopped strawberries in a bowl with sugar. 

I love the feel of a page of a novel between my finger tips 
before I eagerly turn the page, craving to learn more.

I love the feel of wood underneath my fingertips, 
especially after it has been dusted and polished.

I love the sound of dental tools working on my mouth, 
because I know that I will come out of the chair with a beautiful smile.

I could go on and on with this list, but I think I've driven my point home. 

Take time to recognize and acknowledge 
the exquisite beauty in your life! 

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